About Proactive Strata Services

Interview with Yvonne Howard – Owner & Licensee of PSS

Q. What do you expect to see on this website?
A. This is an introduction to the company where people will be able to see what PSS offers and how to obtain a level of service every complex deserves.

Q. Why did you start your business?
A. I have been in the industry since 1998 and still enjoy it! In 2009 it was time to start my own business and I haven’t looked back. The name Proactive Strata Services developed after considering why most people want to change Strata Managers. The most common complaint was that they had to consistently chase their manager for the simplest tasks and felt they weren’t managed effectively. This is of course something I want to change in the industry!

Q. Why do you still enjoy Strata Management?
A. I enjoy the different facets of Strata Management. Education is the key – for me, my colleagues and for my owners. Keeping in the loop of legislation changes, how contractors undertake repairs, communicating with my owners, problem solving, etc. It fascinates me and always keeps me on my

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